Custom Home Builds

We specialize in combining our years of experience and design intel with your unique vision for your custom-built home. Crafted with precision and using quality materials, we design custom home builds without attaching a high price tag. We make your imagined beach or inland custom home a reality without sacrificing quality or price.
Front View of Mint Green House on Stilts, the sky is blue, there is a house adjacent and more buildings in the distance

Your Dream Home is Closer Than You Think!

We believe that high-quality work is the standard for custom home builds – and we provide impeccable craftsmanship without attaching astronomical prices. You don’t have to wonder just how long it will take to afford a custom-built home – Prestige Custom Builders gives honest, realistic bids that’ll provide you with the ideal avenue to make your dreams a reality.


We provide the tools to bring your designs to life. With high-quality finishes and design intel, we ensure you pick what you want while getting finishes that’ll withstand the test of time. With an emphasis on clean, crisp, precise designs, the finishes in your home are going to be exactly what you envisioned. And they’re going to last for many years to come.


Both the interior and exterior of your finished custom home will be tailored to your specific style and needs. If you have kids or pets, we can take that into consideration while designing your home. If you prefer a lighter, more modern look or a more traditional, southern style, we can bring that to life in ways that are second to none.

custom design + Ideas

In this rapidly-growing community, homes are springing up left and right. We are passionate about building homes that are suited to your long-term needs so it suits you now and into the future. We collaborate with you to bring your vision for each component of your custom build to life. And we do so without ever sacrificing quality or charging unreasonably high prices.