November 30, 2023

Winter Ready: A Comprehensive Guide to Preparing Your Home for the Cold Season

December 21, 2023
Winter in Texas looks different than most. Here's a list of things to do to better prepare your home.

Winter in Texas looks a lot different than most, and we’re sometimes hit with really unexpected winter weather. Since we create different homes with their unique amenities year-round, we have seen a thing or two when it comes to prepping your home for the cooler months.

Texas has experienced extreme weather patterns in the past, so we wanted to put together a guide so you can feel better prepared for the unexpected. A lot of the homes we create are typically vacation homes or used on a more seasonal basis, which means that getting it ready for the winter has to be thought out, intentional, and above all, useful to make sure that home of yours lasts even if you’re not there. 

In-home design, our team carefully considers various factors, including materials and construction methods. We use PEX piping in our homes, which allows for some expansion but making sure you have good insulation in your attic is something to look at as well.

We compiled a list of questions we have been asked during the winter season in Crystal Beach:

Q: What should I do with my thermostat settings?
A: We don’t want to make temperature settings for you but making sure the HVAC is checked out yearly and checking the insulation in the attic are starting points for existing homes.
Q: How can homeowners prepare their beach houses for occasional freezes and frost?
A: Make sure you have hose bib covers and know where your water shut-off is for the main line. If the freezing temperatures stay for longer periods of time we recommend going to the meter and opening the union, which bleeds the line to the house and makes sure there is no water in the lines from the street.

Q: What maintenance and care routines should homeowners follow to ensure their beach house remains in good condition during the winter months?
A: Check your windows to make sure they are locked. Keep an eye on the weather and determine whether or not you need to bleed out your water lines.

Q: Do you offer any home automation or smart home solutions that can assist homeowners in managing their beach houses during the winter, such as remote temperature control?
A: All of the thermostats we use for our AC units are wifi compatible which allows the homeowners to monitor the temps inside the house. If you don’t have one we recommend adding it so that you have the ability to do this.

We know a thing or two about winterizing a home because, during the freeze of 2022, we were working on seven homes and had zero pipe bursts or leaks. This can be attributed to the preparation we completed before the winter months truly set in.

Some quick tips we would consider if we were prepping our home:

  • Outdoor preparation - Your yard matters just as much as the home and storing outdoor furniture will ensure its longevity.
  • Fireplace safety - Our homes don’t typically include traditional chimneys but we always recommend teaching the family about fireplace safety. 
  • Installing energy-efficient fixtures - This can include the thermostat, lights, plumbing, etc. 

With these tips, we are confident that you will find what you need to do to better prepare your home. If you’re looking to create your future home in Crystal Beach, email us at:

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