October 31, 2023

The Custom Home Building Process

November 6, 2023
Turn your dream home into a reality in Crystal Beach, Texas, with the expertise of Prestige Custom Builders. Our commitment to transparency and alignment of your budget and goals sets us apart in the industry. With 19 years of experience, we ensure efficient construction, sustainable designs, and strict project management.

There’s nothing more rewarding than being able to turn your dream home into a reality. A ton of hard work and dedication go into building a home as an owner and as the leading experts in this industry in Crystal Beach, Texas, we strive to help make it a smooth process.

What sets us apart? 

One of the things we pride ourselves on is the ability to steer you in the direction you need to be in. With your overall budget and goals in mind, we offer transparent and comprehensive project proposals, presenting all relevant details. 

The Construction Process

“If you have a good plan I can build you a house,” said Landon Wright, our President.

The construction process is very involved to ensure all goals are met. It typically takes 6-9 months for a project to be completed. 

With 19 years in the industry, Landon has been able to create homes from 5,000 square feet to 1,200 square feet and all in between. He has experience creating sustainable homes with charm and he makes sure that the job site is managed well too. To do this Prestige works with the same select partners. This is something that is extremely important so that everyone knows what the standard is before they start. 

There are multiple deadlines and strict guidelines to follow, so by working with the same partners, there is a universal code of conduct to follow and this allows us to meet the deadlines in a timely manner with minimal mistakes. 

The Steps:

Define Goals - We first start with our introduction meeting where we talk about what the customer wants to build. Once we have that established we go into the details of the plan to make sure what it is they want to create.

Select Property - There are multiple hurdles you need help with to own property, so finding someone to work with on this step is crucial.

Design home with Landon - With over 19 years of experience, Landon is able to define your goals with you to create a home that has everything you want.

Plan budget - This is a difficult step because there are so many changes and additions that can be made to your overall plan. Make sure you have room to save or spend. 

Start construction - We can create your home from scratch or by a floor plan, let’s create something that will last!

Finalize and inspect - Staying on top of communication will ensure that there are minimal problems. 

What factors affect the cost of a custom build?

Many things can contribute to the final cost of the home. The extra amount of material that it takes, the engineering that is added, and the ability to run plumbing and HVAC through the floor trusses make a huge difference in price. 

Finally, the one we all love is the deck. When you live on the beach, you are sure to want sunset views from your home but that comes at an additional cost as well. 

What Makes a Home More Expensive: 

Materials - Materials can be expensive depending on the vendor, quality, and where it comes from.

Custom features - These features include things like decks, custom built-ins, landscaping, etc. 

Size and layout - One of Landon’s key tips: “Making the house smaller doesn’t always mean you're cutting cost. Sometimes you're just cutting square footage and raising the cost per square foot.” Size isn’t the only deciding factor, layout also has a role to play. 

Site preparation - Does your property have a lot of vegetation? Does it require certain building permits? These are all factors that contribute to overall site preparation and the cost to complete it.

What advice would you give to home buyers in Crystal Beach?

There are many hurdles to owning your own home in Crystal Beach but the main takeaway point is to find a good local realtor to look for the property. This will save you hassle and time when you get to work with the builder. Establishing a good rapport with your entire “team” from start to finish will ensure a great process and remember, you can always pivot from your original ideas to suit your goals.

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