June 6, 2023

Loyal Partnerships Effect Results

July 13, 2023
Landon, founder and builder at Prestige Custom Builders, emphasizes the importance of partnerships in custom home building.

“Your partners are going to be the ones you lean on.”

Building and instilling trust in those we have a working relationship with is key to ensuring Prestige is fulfilling its promises. We have the clients at the forefront of our mind when we build custom homes. Relying on partners we trust ensures the results the clients sees are not only jaw dropping, but built to last. 

“I’m very loyal to the people I work with and very loyal to the products that I use.”

Our loyalty to our partners allow the homes we build to be reliable for all to come. When we have brands we can rely on, we can build homes efficiently and execute custom home builds on time. We already know and understand how long our plumbers and electricians take to do their part of the job, allowing us to stick to the timeline and move things along smoothly. 

The trust established allows us to also tweak things when needed. When we have the strong relationships we do, we can ask for things to be adjusted when needed, because our partners trust us and we trust them. 

With partner relationships, we can collaborate when unexpected things happen like supply shortages. This way, we are all able to come together and ensure our custom home builds run seamlessly. We never want a house sitting there because we are waiting on someone or trying to hire someone to just get something done, because that’s not the quality we put out. 

“We know these partners and trades on a first hand basis, therefore they’re going to respect and treat our future customers, our current customers, as if they are an extension of Prestige.”

Our lenders, realtors, banks, and insurance agents understand our business and what the clients are looking for and should be looking for. Each situation is tailored to the client to get them the best outcome possible. Businesses that you don’t have personal relationships with may not have your best interest in mind.

“Using our partners, using our contacts, allows you to have a branch of Prestige, which therefore in turn turns into a partnership for you as well.” 

When relationships are mutual and transparent, we meet the expectations you have for the quality of your Prestige custom built home. 

Partnerships matter, especially for the construction industry where people come and go. Anyone can be a builder or worker, so being able to have a stable, strong relationship with our partners builds security into our processes. 

We also have the opportunity to leave out the trial and error. If you’re using someone new every time, the expectation is different every time. With partners we trust we can expect standardized quality, so us and the clients know what to expect every time. 

“It’s a team effort” as Landon, our owner says and it’s a team who has you in mind.  

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