From Farm to Gable

May 25, 2022
Landon’s entrepreneurial journey, from his grandfather’s farm to his home construction and development business.

Prestige Custom Builders was born during a hurricane.

“I filed for the LLC of Prestige Custom Builders while being boarded up inside my house during Hurricane Laura while everyone else evacuated, because I felt it was the safest place I could be, knowing how it was built. I felt safe in the home,” says Landon Wright, Founder of Prestige Custom Builders. “Prestige was always a dream, a passion, something I dreamt about for years, and then in September of 2021 it became a reality. With the help and support of many people we just took off.”

Though Prestige Custom Builders was founded in 2021, Landon’s entrepreneurial journey started at an early age. His grandfather worked as a commercial farmer, so Landon quickly learned what hard work meant by helping on the farm.

“When you’re asked at 9 years old to do work a grown man is doing, you figure out real quick what type of worker you want to be, and what you do and what you don’t want to do,” says Landon.

His mother also owned and operated a small business, and he was inspired by the control she had over her own fate through the business. “You get out what you put into it,” Landon says. “I knew that my goal was to do my own thing too.”

In 2003, Landon began working in construction with Royce Builders, a track home builder in Houston, TX. It was here that Landon began developing his project management and scheduling skills - and learned how he wanted to treat the people he worked with.

“I’ve always appreciated the people who work for me and with me, and I learned in my early days in construction that I wanted to treat them well.”

After being a top 10 builder 5 quarters in a row with Royce, Landon accepted a position with DR Horton, the nation’s largest builder. Through his work there, he learned more about the Gulf Coast region, and building codes for structures in close proximity to the shoreline.

Then in 2008, Landon and his wife, Allison, relocated to Beaumont, TX, where Landon began working with Coker’s Doors & Moulding. Here he learned more about scoping and bidding projects, managing ordering and inventory, and buying procedures. He also began establishing relationships with builders throughout the Beaumont area.

While working at Coker’s, Landon met Ryan Hale, who he went on to work with at Acadian Builders/Pools, a builders/pool construction company in Southeast Texas. Together they built the pool business from the ground up, building 4 pools their first year, to 50+ pools during Acadian’s sixth year in business. Building pools gave Landon extensive experience in understanding the construction process, and taking into account building codes and layouts.

In preparation of starting his own independent business, in 2019, Landon and Allison purchased Allison’s insurance agency, getting her own business up and running. “My take on everything is to always take care of my family first, and then I could focus on my business,” says Landon.

In 2021, Prestige Custom Builders became a reality. Starting with home renovations, and then moving to comprehensive home builds and new construction and development, Prestige has already helped dozens of people create their dream homes in Southeast Texas.

“With the windstorm engineering and the craftsmanship, I want our clients to feel safe and comfortable in their homes. The design, the quality of materials and the craftsmanship should all be done above and beyond what the code requires, and that’s what we do.”

Landon and his team are now developing new construction in Crystal Beach, TX. Prestige Custom Builders partners with Kati Hall, a realtor based in Winnie, TX, to help home buyers get the keys to their dream homes by the beach.

“He’s really very detailed and he has a lot of knowledge about building in general, and building at the beach,” Kati says. “He’s very personable and easy to talk to!”

“The end game goal is never to be the biggest, or anything more than ‘me,’” Landon says. “I never want to lose the personal touch of this business, the vision is to build high quality affordable homes that people love to talk about and love every aspect of.”

Ready to build– or buy– your new home in Southeast Texas? Give Landon a call at 409-313-3383 to talk about your project!

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