January 9, 2024

Exclusive Insights: The 3 Key Products Prestige Custom Builders Swears By in Crystal Beach, Texas

January 9, 2024
Come along as we break down the key elements that make our vacation homes stand out in the Texas landscape.

We take pride in bringing top-notch quality and keen attention to detail to the construction game. Today, we are sharing the three must-have products that we include in our homes. These products are what we use across the board to ensure quality and integrity against all the elements. Come along as we break down the key elements that make our vacation homes stand out in the Texas landscape.

The common theme across all products that we choose to include in our homes is:

Warranty - When a brand has a warranty, we’re confident that their products are built to last and that you will have consistency across the home.
Quality - We never cut corners when it comes to the quality of your home. Each product we choose to include in our homes is typically sought after and has been vetted by many homeowners already. If their products are used by multiple home builders, we’re confident that they’re a good fit for our homes as well.
Purpose - All of the installations and products that we choose to include in our homes have a purpose. From the installation process to the durability of something like siding, are done in a particular way so that your home lasts. We’ve never gotten a call back on a product such as Delta Plumbing because it was installed to last.

Since we build on the coast, we have to pay particular attention to multiple aspects that make up your home. From siding to plumbing, it has to be built to last. That’s why we typically use the same products to ensure consistency across the board.

ForceField - Georgia Pacific

Force Field by Georgia Pacific is a reputable product (barrier systems for the outside of your home) that we use on all of our homes. This weather-resistive barrier keeps the home moisture free which is important for our coastal homes. We have a great relationship with our Georgia Pacific representative which allows us to get more hands-on time with them during the building process. Landon said, “We walk jobs with the representative to make sure we’re not only doing it correctly but if he has the best practice that we should do or use on the product we can go ahead and add that to the application right then and there. We’re not having to try to read through a way to install, we can walk through the process together.” 

Hardie Plank - James Hardy Siding

Hardie Plank is a product that we use on the outside of your home. They have exterior siding that comes in many different materials but we use their Fiber Cement Siding because of Crystal Beach’s coastal weather. It’s a very sustainable material because it doesn’t require as much upkeep and will last for many years to come. Landon said, “If you look at what we have to deal with (windstorm inspections) they have so many different products available that are already tested.” This just means that no matter what, James Hardie makes a product for multiple types of homes that work and last. We’ve chosen the best siding products for our coastal homes to make sure they stand out and do it’s job at protecting the home.

Delta Plumbing

“We never get callbacks. If you don’t get a complaint that’s a success story. The sustainability comes from the manufacturer's warranty because it’s built to last.” said Landon. Delta is a product that we stand behind because it comes back to the name and recognition. It has a lifetime warranty and we stand behind it. It’s a great product and that goes a long way with us.

These products go beyond making your home look good. Using dependable products in all our projects ensures a smooth building process and combine that with our expertise, you get a quality vacation home that your family will be able to enjoy for years to come. 

We look forward to creating more in the new year with you. Connect with Landon today at: landon@prestigecustombuilders.net.

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