December 6, 2022

End of the Year Closing Assistance Program

January 17, 2023
Prestige Custom Builders is proud to offer end of the year closing assistance on 4 available properties in Crystal Beach Texas.

Are you looking to secure your second home before the end of 2022? Are you considering a custom home in Crystal Beach Texas? Prestige Custom Builders is proud to offer end of the year closing assistance on 4 available properties:

You can learn more about each property by visiting the links above.

What is Closing Assistance?

Closing assistance is money that is written into the contract and can be used by the buyer in different ways. This money could help offset the cost, buy down the interest rate, go towards a down payment, or pay for closing costs. 

If the home is listed for $550,000 and you receive $15,000 in closing assistance, it’s like buying the home for $535,000. In a time where lenders are suggesting 20% down payments plus closing costs, buyers could take advantage of this assistance to relieve some of the financial burden in the short or long term.

What Can Closing Assistance be Used For?

This closing assistance offer can be used in any way the buyer chooses. $15,000 will be written into the contract to use at the buyer’s discretion. Lenders may have an input into how the money should be used, however the buyer can always tweak it.

Who is this a great opportunity for?

This is a great opportunity for someone who is looking to make a purchase before the end of the year. This closing assistance will allow the buyer to be a little more flexible in the home buying process. If someone has been wanting to buy a new home but they’ve been waiting for a great deal, now is the time to buy.

Buyers could use this opportunity to save some money up front by putting it towards closing costs, or they could use it as leverage to reduce their interest rate and bring their monthly payment down. Buyers should also keep in mind that they can always refinance later to get their monthly note down

Why Should Someone Reach Out Now?

Executing on the contract before December 31st allows the buyer time to prepare the home for this upcoming rental season. New home owners will have plenty of time to furnish the interior, set up services like internet, lawn care, property management, and get the home listed on their rental service of choice.

Spring breakers and summer vacationers will start their vacation searches at the beginning of the new year. Purchasing your second home before the end of 2022 will provide a lot of time to make sure everything is properly set up and in place to have a great rental season in 2023.

This amazing offer is only available for a limited time and expires on December 31, 2022. The buyers must close on the home within 45 days after the 31st. 

How Should Someone Reach Out?

Prices are always negotiable. If you are excited about a specific property, please reach out and let’s have a conversation. We will work together to get you into your new property. 

You can reach out via call, text or email to:

 Landon Wright: Email - or Phone - 409-313-3383 

Or Kati Hall: Email - or Phone - 409-659-9815

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