4 Reasons to Invest in a Custom Home in Crystal Beach Right Now

May 17, 2022
The Bolivar Peninsula community of Crystal Beach is beginning to boom, and the builder and realtor team at Prestige Custom Builders is here to help you ride that wave by investing in a custom home in Crystal Beach!

Just a ferry ride from Galveston, a short drive from Houston, and a brief walk to the shore, the community of Crystal Beach on Texas’ Bolivar Peninsula is booming. And we’re here to help you ride that wave. Read on for 4 reasons to invest in your own custom home in Crystal Beach right now!

1. Crystal Beach is a growing community.

Communities like Galveston, Corpus Christi, and South Padre Island have long been known as beach vacation towns frequented by families, retirees, and spring breakers alike. Crystal Beach, after being hit by a hurricane in 2008, has seen an increase in tourism in recent years, along with newer development. There is still land available in Crystal Beach for building– a great opportunity for a vacation home or a new primary residence.

“Property values are still staying relatively modest - though they are rising,” says Landon Wright, Founder of Prestige Custom Builders. “You can get in for less here than any other beach or coast destination across most of the U.S.”

Tourism in the area is growing, and the Bolivar Peninsula consistently brings in visitors from all across the country. The new Bolivar Beach Club and RV Resort is just one of the exciting new developments in the area responding to growing tourism, and providing both business and recreational opportunities for locals.

As this community continues to generate national recognition, many of our buyers use their Crystal Beach homes as vacation properties or second homes rather than full-time residences, giving them the opportunity to offer their homes as short-term rentals to people traveling to the area. This can help bring travelers– and their spending power– to the Bolivar Peninsula and Crystal Beach community, and help you offset the costs of your new home!

2. Escape the city.

Crystal Beach is a small community, with only about 2,000 residents. This makes it a great place to escape the hustle of the city and live on “beach time.”

The beach itself is of course the main draw and offers opportunities to swim, fish, boogie board, and even hunt for sea shells and shark teeth. You can even drive and park directly on the beach! The community itself, however, is also rapidly growing, and is home to several excellent locally-owned shops and restaurants, with a small-town feel and friendly atmosphere.

“Most people are happy to be down here because it’s a place they can bring the family, bring the grandkids and get away from the big hubbub of the cities, whether in state or out of state,” Wright says.

Crystal Beach is only about a 90-minute drive from Houston, making the area easy to access. Alternatively, you can take the ferry from Galveston for free - and riders often see dolphins on the ride!

3. Affordability.

Investing in a custom home in Crystal Beach right now lets you get in at a more accessible and affordable price range compared to other nearby beach destinations.

“You still get the opportunity to build within eyesight of the water. The whole area is being developed, which also means more business opportunities and more opportunity to be a part of the establishment of the community,” Wright says. “There’s almost nowhere else in the country where you can get beachfront real estate for this price.”

4. Prestige’s brand new, custom homes are built to last.

Although our homes in Crystal Beach are spec homes, we build them like custom homes. Most buyers choose to customize their finishes or other elements of their new beachfront property!

Being on the beach, houses are exposed to the elements and are susceptible to wear and tear from sand, salt, wind, and even hurricanes. With a new build, you can be confident that your custom home is solid and built to last. Plus, you’ll be sure to have modern conveniences like air conditioning to help mitigate those hot and humid summer days.

Escape the city and live on beach time by investing in your own custom home in Crystal Beach this summer! Contact Landon Wright with Prestige Custom Builders at 409-313-3383 to talk about building your own home, or reach out to Kati Hall, Realtor at 409-659-9815 to learn more about our current listings.

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