April 6, 2023

2023 Las Vegas NAHB IBS Conference

May 23, 2023
Landon, founder and builder at Prestige Custom Builders, attended the National Association of Home Builders, International Builders show in Las Vegas in early 2023.

“Vegas is always awesome, but it’s also good when you mix in a conference.”

The NAHB IBS conference held in Las Vegas is the premier event that hosts networking, learning, and discovery opportunities through product launches, education sessions, and home builder trends. The conference provides industry leaders, like Landon, with real ideas and the solutions they need to grow and strengthen their business.

Landon attended the conference this year so he could gain more knowledge about the products Prestige is putting in houses and how to properly put things in while following best practices. He wants to ensure Prestige is on the forefront of what's new and up to date on current trends and products.

“Going to a show like this really benefits not only me but also both the current customers and the future customers.”

Prestige has a goal to grow and provide their customers with the best service and up to date products, and in order to do this, they need to step outside the box and go above and beyond. This includes learning about new products and best practices so they can be implemented on a daily basis at Prestige.

The NAHB IBS conference has top experts and private sales representatives that show products being introduced to the market. 

“We wanted to talk to the product reps and the product engineers so we could get the more in-depth conversations outside of just your local sales rep. You want to make sure that you’re using the correct product for your area, but also the best product that we can put into the house from a price standpoint and a construction standpoint.”

Landon spotted new products, like a laundry vacuum dump system, where the laundry room is connected to the entire house through a series of pipes. This allows you to send laundry straight to the laundry room from any access point. 

The main things Landon went to go see were bathroom features, exterior sheathing, and other aspects of the house. He kept a special eye on products that affect Prestige as builders in the Texas Gulf Coast to ensure they are building better and stronger houses. 

“A couple of the other products I would like to highlight are the ForceField from GP, an exterior sheathing. Over at Endura, they had a new multipoint lock that we are going to start introducing to our houses this year that are compatible with any type of war hardware. Being down on the Gulf Coast, you run the risk of wind blowing in a door, and a multipoint locking system on an eight foot door essentially puts three different lock points in the door and that’s big whenever it comes to a storm.”

On top of attending the NAHB IBS conference, Landon also paid a visit to the kitchen and bath show. Companies like Kohler and Delta showcased new high-tech products that stood out because the information and product features were so in-depth. 

“Those are the things that you can see online but you really want to see them in person, put your hands on them, see how they feel, know what they look like and how they function. This is a tool for the customer to be able to say ‘hey, do you have any information on this?’ and for use to say ‘sure we do.’”

An experience like this is necessary for Prestige to reach their goal of providing the best service and up to date products for their customers. With an insider experience from NAHB IBS, they are able to build custom homes to their customer’s liking using expertise from this conference. To learn more about the services Prestige can provide for you, contact Landon directly at landon@prestigecustombuilders.net

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